I admit it: I have problems staying focused sometimes. I work on the Web all day, and the Web is full of distractions. The Firefox awesome bar doesn’t help matters — all I have to do is type a couple of letters into the awesome bar and it shows me suggestions of all sorts of fascinating, amusing, non-work-related websites. Total distraction is always just a few keystrokes away.


If only I could separate all my websites into ‘work’ websites and ‘fun’ websites, and somehow ensure that when I’m at work, Firefox only suggests the work websites, but when I’m at home, it suggests the fun websites.

Last week, I realized there’s actually a pretty easy way to do this, by splitting my Firefox profile into two profiles. It’s been working out pretty well for me so far; my random websurfing at work has gone way, way down.

Firefox profiles are an extremely powerful feature, but unfortunately many people who could make use of profiles don’t know they exist, because the interface to the feature is hidden. The rest of this post will walk you through the steps to enable profiles, split your profile into a ‘work’ and a ‘fun’ profile, and then purge all of the non-work-related stuff out of the ‘work’ profile.