Design Lunch is back this week. Back with a vengeance !

John Wayne Hill is one of our interns, working with the User Experience team this summer, and he’s working on the design of the new Home Tab post- Firefox 4. He’s looking for feedback on his ideas for the design.

For some more context on what the Home Tab is going to be, you might want to check out Alex Faaborg’s blog post “Browsing Your Personal Web”, as well as the Winter 2009 design challenge which invited people to submit Home Tab designs.

As always, the Design Lunch is at the Mountain View office, in Ten-Forward, at 12:30pm pacific time this Thursday (June 4). You can watch it remotely on Air Mozilla and/or call in by phone to ask questions; see instructions here.

Hope to see you there!

The benefits of code review are many. Not only does it help spot potential bugs, unhandled edge cases, less-than-perfectly-readable code, and architectural suboptimalities that the original developer may have missed; it also gives the reviewer a chance to learn about parts of the ode they don’t normally work on, and gives both parties a chance to learn new tricks, learn better style, and generally improve their coding skills.

The only problem is, doing code review right is hard. It’s a lot of work. If only our tools could make it easier…

And that brings us to the topic of this week’s Design Lunch, where Clint Talbert is going to talk about streamlining our code review process by integrating Bugzilla with one of two code-review tools: either Splinter or Reviewboard.

Clint will be looking for feedback on which tool to choose, on what workflows it needs to be able to support, and other aspects of the code-reviewing user experience.

As usual, the Design Lunch is 12:30pm Pacific time this Thursday, in Ten-Forward in the Mountain View office, and anyone is welcome to call in or to watch on

Over the years there have been a lot of discussions of how to improve Bugzilla’s powerful-but-intimidating interface. Again and again these explorations seem to run aground on the jagged rocks of “Well, if we change anything, we’ll break it for all the existing users who depend on it for their daily work.”

Atul Varma has a promising approach: Leave Bugzilla itself right where it is, but use its APIs to build a new, simpler, high-level interface that abstracts away a lot of the sordid details.

And that’s the topic of this week’s Design Lunch. Atul will be presenting his “Bugzilla Dashboard” and looking for feedback on the design.

The Design Lunch will be, as usual, 12:30 PM Pacific time this Thursday, at Mozilla HQ in Mountain View. It will be recorded and broadcast on air mozilla; instructions for watching or calling in are here.

Alexander Limi recently started a Reddit thread to ask the Reddit hive mind about their pet peeves with Firefox:

What I’m after is more the “one hundred paper cuts”, the stuff that annoys you on a daily basis, and that I could help with getting prioritized as a User Experience / User Interface person.

Over 2300 comments later, Limi has his answers, and those are what he will be sharing with us at this week’s Design Lunch. It will be Thursday at 12:30pm Pacific time, and will be recorded and broadcast on Air Mozilla. Call-in info is here.

Tomorrow’s Design Lunch will be about the results from the Test Pilot study on menu item usage. Jinghua, Blake and I will present what we’ve found out so far about what menu items are most commonly used (and how this breaks down by operating system and by mouse-clicking vs. keyboard-shortcuts). We’ll have a brainstorming session about what this data might mean for future redesigns of the Firefox menu bar, and try to come up with questions for further investigation.

We’ll also present some findings about the demographics of the Test Pilot user base.

The design lunch is Thursday March 4, 12:30pm – 1:30pm PST. The details of how to watch or participate remotely are on the Design Lunch wiki page.

No-one has submitted a topic, so there’s no Design Lunch this week. There is still plenty of time to submit a topic for next week! is the site that’s used to report websites not working in Firefox. (The “Report broken web site” item in the Help menu sends things to

Reporter is showing its age and is due for a redesign, though, and that’s the topic of this week’s Design Lunch. The speaker is Aakash Desai from Mozilla QA.

The Design Lunch will be Friday this week, instead of Thursday, to avoid a conflict with Aakash’s schedule. It’s at 12:30pm PST and is brodcast on Air Mozilla. Instructions for watching or calling in are here.