August 2009

Last week I recorded this video for the students at a university in India, who requested an update on Mozilla Labs projects.

It’s about 20 minutes of me showing screens and talking about Ubiquity, Weave, Jetpack, and Test Pilot. Jetpack and Test Pilot are relatively new so I explain what they’re all about; for older projects Weave and Ubiquity I just highlight a couple of new features.

Thanks to Asa Dotzler for doing the video recording and editing.

You can watch the video on Air Mozilla in either Ogg or mp4 format:


A quick question: I’m trying to get some anecdotal data about the most popular 3rd-party Ubiquity commands. If you use Ubiquity, are you subscribed to any 3rd-party commands, and if so, which ones are most useful to you?