Monday, July 18th, 2011

“Why did my Firefox suddenly go from 3.6 to 4.0 to 5.0 in the space of half an hour?” asked my friend on the phone, in the middle of what was otherwise a conversation about role-playing games.

“Because the automatic updater system is working?” I said.

“Was Firefox 4 really so broken that you had to kill it after three months?” he asked. Except he used a ruder word than “broken”.

“No, not at all”, I said, remembering the giant launch party we had had for Firefox 4. It did feel kind of like we told everybody “Firefox 4 is the greatest thing ever, and it’s finally here! Download it now! OK now it’s obsolete already.”

“It’s just that we’ve got this new rapid-release schedule going”, I continued, “where we push out the new releases every three months, so that users always have the latest bug fixes and speed improvements and stuff.”

“OK, well, it says that Perapera-kun (the extension I use to translate Chinese) is no longer compatible. I really needed that extension.”



Hello, everybody! My name is Jono Xia and I work for Mozilla User Research. I haven’t updated “Not the User’s Fault” in over a year six months.

It’s not because people have stopped making terrible UI designs.

It’s not because Internet freedoms have stopped being under attack.

It’s not because I stopped having opinions. Oh no. I have more opinions than ever. Some of them might be pretty controversial ones even.

I just got into a period of heavy crunch time and overlapping deadlines with developing Test Pilot and all the other things I was working on, and blogging got pushed out of my schedule. And when something gets pushed out, it’s easy for it to stay out.

But it’s about time to re-start this blog, I think.