The benefits of code review are many. Not only does it help spot potential bugs, unhandled edge cases, less-than-perfectly-readable code, and architectural suboptimalities that the original developer may have missed; it also gives the reviewer a chance to learn about parts of the ode they don’t normally work on, and gives both parties a chance to learn new tricks, learn better style, and generally improve their coding skills.

The only problem is, doing code review right is hard. It’s a lot of work. If only our tools could make it easier…

And that brings us to the topic of this week’s Design Lunch, where Clint Talbert is going to talk about streamlining our code review process by integrating Bugzilla with one of two code-review tools: either Splinter or Reviewboard.

Clint will be looking for feedback on which tool to choose, on what workflows it needs to be able to support, and other aspects of the code-reviewing user experience.

As usual, the Design Lunch is 12:30pm Pacific time this Thursday, in Ten-Forward in the Mountain View office, and anyone is welcome to call in or to watch on