Mozilla has a general meeting every Monday morning, where each team gives an update on their project status. One of the many things that makes Mozilla so unusual as an organization is that this meeting is public. The video is broadcast live on the web at, and there’s also a public phone number which you can call in order to listen in. (All the contact information is on this page.) I once told a guy who works for Microsoft about our public meetings and his head nearly exploded.

Anyway, I was recently asked to take over the role of moderator for these Monday meetings, as the previous moderator is leaving. I was very honored to be asked, and I take it as a very serious responsibility.

As I see it, part of the responsibility of running this meeting is making sure that it doesn’t waste people’s time. Because so many people are taking time out of their day every week to attend this meeting, it represents very “expensive” time, in terms of person-hours. It should focus on only the absolutely most valuable information, not just routine status updates. I think that a couple of small tweaks to the meeting format could go a long way towards making the best possible use of the time. So I’ve been working with various people to come up with a list of proposals for how to do this. Call it “Meeting 2.0, Beta Version”. My ultimate goal is to make the meeting so exciting that nobody is even tempted to look at their laptops during it.

To give interested parties a chance to respond to the Meeting 2.0 Beta proposals, before we start implementing them next week, I’m going to be holding a “brown bag” (what we call lunchtime talks at Mozilla, despite the fact that almost no-one brings a brown bag). It will be this Friday, starting at 12:30pm.

You don’t have to work for Mozilla to be part of this discussion. If you are part of the community or even just interested in following what Mozilla does, then part of the purpose of the Monday meeting is to keep you in the loop about what we’re doing. Therefore, anyone is welcome to attend this brown bag, either in person or on the phone. You can also leave comments on this post if you have ideas for improving the Monday meeting. If you don’t currently call into or watch the Monday meetings, why not? And what do you think could be changed that would make you start watching?

Edited to Add:
If you want to watch, you can go to Air Mozilla. If you want to call in, you can do so using one of the phone numbers on this page, but using the conference room number #202 instead of the one listed there.