Last night was the monthly Mozilla Labs open house for July. Atul, Aza and I gave a presentation about our ongoing project, working title Ubiquity.

What is Ubiquity? It’s a Firefox extension which gives you an easy way to create, share, and use commands — tiny snippets of Javascript that do cool stuff with the Web. Commands can act on web content that you select with a mouse, or on information detected in a page in a microformat, or on arguments that you type in. A command that you create can be shared with others simply by giving them the URL to a Javascript file. Commands will be exposed in multiple ways: You’ll be able to choose a command from the context-menu (the one that pops up when you right-click on web content), but also, for more involved use-cases, there will be a linguistic UI that lets you type what you want to do. We’re still in the very early stage of development, but those are our plans, in a nutshell. Atul gives a much better explanation than I can.