For the past few Thursdays we’ve been doing something called an “Open Design Lunch” at Moz. We’ll pick a design problem that somebody’s working on and brainstorm it informally while munching pizza and burritos. Asa has been broadcasting these events on

At today’s Open Design Lunch I brought up the question of how bookmarks should be accessed in Fennec. Bookmark management on Fennec gets extra tricky when you have hundreds (or thousands) of bookmarks from your desktop computer getting synced onto your mobile phone; so this problem is closely related to the UI design of Weave. My previous attempts to design a bookmarks UI haven’t solved these problems to my satisfaction.

The conversation didn’t conclusively settle anything (of course) but it brought up a lot of good ideas that deserve further investigation. Here’s the video:

(Note: These videos use the cutting-edge <video> tag from HTML 5, so they may not work for you unless you have the latest version of Firefox or another standards-compliant browser.)

Aza interviews me about Ubiquity and Weave. I do a bad Frank Zappa impersonation and some air guitar.

This is a tutorial I made to walk new command developers through the process of writing a Ubiquity command and sharing it on the Web.

Ubiquity Command Development Tutorial 1 (on Vimeo).

You’ll notice that I break my own rule here and give the command a hyphenated name. That’s because I did the recording several weeks ago, before I started working on the naming conventions stuff, and only today got around to finishing the video editing. I’ll fix the command’s name when I make part 2 of the tutorial, which will explain how to use noun-types, asynchronous requests, and other advanced stuff.

EDIT: If the vimeo link above doesn’t work for you, try this one instead.


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